Natural Isolates. A new way to add aroma naturally.

If you have tried our candles, you know how delicious they smell! And if you can believe it, the aroma is 100% natural. Avoiding synthetic fragrances is part the Bella Vita Apothecary mission, in caring for our precious eco system and the health and wellness of our customers. Natural Isolates have opened up a whole new world of fragrance profiling, for us makers, that care about what kind of affect our product has and leaves in this world. 

What are Natural Isolates?

Natural Isolates are relatively new, and were created out of the growing demand for a more natural fragrance in candles, soaps and body care. Up until now synthetic aromas have been the main resource for added fragrances for aromas like cotton candy, sea salt spray and fruits and flowers where essential oil aromas cannot be extracted; such as coconut and passion fruit.  

How are they created?

Natural isolates are created by extracting the aroma molecule from plants (living matter). These are extracted the same way essential oils are, through distillation or extraction. But unlike essential oil, where the entire plants oil is taken, chemists target one specific molecule from the living matter, the aroma molecule.  

Are they like an essential oil?

No. Even though natural isolates are extracted in the same manner as an essential oil, they carry no therapeutic property and are specifically used for creating aromas. At Bella Vita Apothecary, we always combine our Natural Isolates with essential oils in our candles, to create not only beautiful aromas, but to add aromatheraputic value and support.

How are they used?

Once the aroma molecule has been extracted, a perfumer can layer many different isolates to create an aroma that is not found in nature like baby powder and ocean spray, while still maintaining a 100% natural status. These are then sold to manufactures to create your delicious candles, hair and body care, and sometimes skin care (however, here at BV Apothecary, Isolates are not used in our skincare).

With this new category for fragrances, there is now an endless possibility of delicious aromas while still maintaining our integrity to our environment and consumers well being. 

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