Our Process


Bringing you luxury handcrafted products for the ultimate in self care. Our offerings are 100% natural and we source organic whenever possible. Eco-conscious, we hand label and package every product by hand, in house, using 100% post consumer recycled labels, and re-useable and recyclable jars, tins and tubes.

We are proud to be Leaping Bunny Certified!

Made in Small Batches

All of our skin, body and haircare are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. Every ingredient is researched: from where it is sourced to how it is processed. Each ingredient is chosen based on its naturals properties that will contribute to the overall performance of the products. No fillers. Nothing synthetic. Just pure unadulterated natural goodness.

To Be Clean

The soaps are made the old style way, carefully crafted with lye and organic oils. Once cured, each bar is cut and shaped by hand. The soy candles are individually wicked and hand-poured. Labels are designed in house, printed and then hand cut and placed. Every step of the process has been infused with mana and aloha, giving each product its own personality. 

To Be Home

All of our home products like the candles and diffuser are hand poured. We use organic, pure essential oils and non toxic natural isolates, as well as USDA certified organic fragrance/flavor oils. 100% pure soy wax. Cotton wicks.