I had an interesting conversation with one one my clients a couple days ago......

For those of you that don't know me, I have been in the salon/spa business for close 25 years, and have worked behind the chair doing hair for a committed 15 years!


One of the best things about doing hair, is the one on one connection I get to have with each one of my clients from all different walks of life. I offer tarot readings during their service, which make the conversations richer and fuller, with the talk of love, life, spirituality and tarot. Which brings me back to the conversation I had with my beautiful client.....

We were in the middle of a tarot reading and the Intuition card came up. She so vulnerabley and bravely asked, "What is intuition? I have really wanted to connect with that part of myself.....but I just don't get what exactly it is."


An illusive word floating in the ethereal....just out of reach.

But how do you grab that big red ballon and float away with it, learn to trust it? 

And how do you bring it back down, firmly planted, two feet on the ground?

I have heard terms like "gut feeling". "instinct", "deep knowing". But still what does that mean to someone who doesn't feel it in there gut? And how do you know if it's a deep knowing if you just don't know?

I have discovered, for me, that it really just means how something make me feel. That moment the hair raises on the back of my neck, signaling "Red flag!!! Danger!! Stay away!!"

Chills up my arm...confirmation in truth. Tightening in my chest.....confirmation in untruth. These are all signs our body gives to guide us, protect us, and help us live our best life. 

Our bodies are amazing machines, and if everything is connected, why wouldn't our spirit speak through our body? Our body knows. It will tell us. We just have to listen. 

Put it to work:

Take note of how your body feels in your day to day life. Start noticing the little reactions your body gives off. Observe, without judgment (don't over think it!) and take note. What environment were you in? How did it make you feel? Did your body react to anything? Who were you talking to? Again, How did you feel and did your body react to anything? Eventually these signs will grow stronger and your connection with them will be immediate. 

You can use this practice with virtually anything. What foods are right or wrong for you? Trying to decide if you should go to a party? and so on and so on.

Stop. Take stock in how you are feeling. Honor it. Trust it.

Learn to trust yourself. Learn to listen to yourself. To go through life more connected to your truth is a big step towards Living la Bella Vita (a beautiful life)!

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