I love the new moon. An ending with the kept promise of a new beginning. A time to plant seeds and manifest your hopes and dreams. A time to make that start. To take that leap and embrace the newness of the change to come. 


But this new moon, in the grounded earth sign of Virgo, is ushering in a bit of a different energy. 

Yes....... this is still a great time to take that next step you have been waiting for. The shift should be smooth with where the other planetary aspects are, as long as this shift is for your highest and best good.

We may long for change. A new job, a new house......a new lover. But no matter how bad we want something, if it doesn't align with our true hearts desire, or a step leading us there for what is in our highest and best good, well...... it just ain't gonna happen! Or it may and some major kickback or resist will occur. Like hitting a big brick wall!

So this new moon is asking us to take stock. Check in with yourself with who you are right now. See if the goals, dreams and desires that you have set in the past still align with who you are. If they do still feed your soul, are you on a path that supports them?

This is a time of "new beginning re-evaluation". And not just for change of the mundane world. But a check-in on your inner self. Its time to finally shed those fears and blocks. Time to shed those societal standards and beat to your own drum. Moving forward in peace and happiness means living the true you. 

The Work:

This is what I do, and what I will be doing this evening under the new moon. My practice I am sharing with you!

Give yourself some quiet introspection to check in with you, your goals and dreams. Where are you at with everything? 

If you find that you are exactly where you want to be and everything seems aligned at the moment: Give yourself that well needed pat on the back and congratulate yourself with the sincere, heartfelt gratitude of success. Of course, with this journey of life, the work is never over, so it important to take the moment to recognize your success and to be proud of where you have come from, where your are at, and where you are headed.

If you find that your just not quite where you want to be, not feeling happy, or dissatisfied.....Ask yourself these questions:

1. Where do my passions lie? Where am I currently feeling that "spark" What is tugging at my heartstrings?

2. What is keeping me from following that feeling? What is blocking me? Do my dreams, goals, beliefs, ideas, mindset, habits fit in with who am now? Am I in love with an idea vs. the actualness of what my ideas entail? 

3. What steps can I start to take to realize the potential of who I am now? To start reaching my goals? To follow my heart? 

Sit with these question. I find its really helpful write down anything that comes up. Then I circle the words that stand out to me. Its amazing the things that will come up and reveal themselves!

Start the work any which way that speaks to you. but DO THE WORK! its the only way to truly put down our burdens and live a healthier happier life.

Someone once told me that FEAR is ALWAYS there whether we know it or not. Its when  PASSION and DRIVE, when the "SPARK" exceeds the fear, that we find our true purpose.

Aloha and Light!