Bamboo Acai Facial Scrub


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Kaolin Clay

White Kaolin Clay gives this balm its creamy and smoothe texture. Kaolin clay does not have drying effects on your skin and is a perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. It clears the skin pores, but without stripping your skin of the natural oils.

Bamboo Powder

Bamboo Powder is a natural plant exfoliant. It removes impurities and regulates the thickness of your skin, thus providing better cellular oxygenation and a purified appearance. Exfoliating with bamboo powder has been known to reduce skin irregularities and the skin appears more radiant.

Acai Extract

Acai Extract is an aid in preventing early signs of aging and helps with skin regeneration. Acai provides the building blocks of healthy skin. This extract is packed full of nutrients, such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Powerful anti-aging vitamin A to boost cell turnover and brightening vitamin C to rev up collagen production for that firm, glowing complexion.

Mango & Papaya Extract

Mango and Papaya Extract Papain in papaya and various mango enzymes are attributed with soothing skin irritations and exfoliating dead cells. Both mango and papaya have antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-acne, antidermatitic and anti-dandruff actions.

Proud to be Leaping Bunny Certified

Guaranteed a cruelty free product. We love all of our furry friends. Great for cuddles, not for testing.

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